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Our Uruguay Travel Itinerary

Our plans change a lot during our travels, thanks to transport issues, recommendations or having too much fun to move on yet, but here is our Uruguay travel itinerary showing the actual time we spent in each place during our 4 weeks in Uruguay:


Montevideo 7 days
Punta del Diablo 3 days
Cabo Polonio 2 days
Punta del Este 8 days
Montevideo 3 days
Colonia del Sacramento 3 days


What would we change about our Uruguay travel itinerary?

If we were to have our time again, our Uruguay travel itinerary would most likely include less time in Montevideo, and more time to be spent either further up the coast to places such as Chuy, or inland to Salto in the North. This was our first month of travel, so to us a 5 hour bus from Montevideo to Punta del Diablo sounded REEEEALLY LONG (remember the entire length of England is only an 8-hour drive so our sense of space is a lot smaller than that of people from the US, for example). Our American friends said they were heading to Salto and then Iguazú Falls from Montevideo by bus, which would take them 18 hours, and at the time we thought they were effing mental. Like, batshit crazy. However, nowadays even a 24-hour bus doesn’t daunt us – we actually quite enjoy long night buses – so we’d definitely grab the opportunity to go to further-away places is we were to plan our Uruguay travel itinerary again.

Montevideo was cool, but only once we’d met some local-living people who could show us around. It’s a very chilled vibe for a capital city, so if you solely want to laze away afternoons people watching from coffee shops, it’s not a bad choice for you. If you want to explore a vibrant place teeming with culture, Buenos Aires would perhaps be a better option.

We probably didn’t need to spend 8 days in Punta del Este either; 4 days would have been fine, especially during low season. It did give us the chance to branch out into nearby towns, though.

A dream would also be to visit a gaucho ranch one day, and see how the traditional Uruguayan cowboys still run their farms, but we struggled to find a ranch on short notice (note to self: always plan ahead).


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