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    What’s the cost of living in Colombia in 2021?

    Well, it’s good! For Europeans or North Americans, expect the cost of living in Colombia to feel pretty cheap. You do need to check your expectations though; I once saw a disgruntled expat complaining that he’d been told he could…

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    9 things to know before you travel in Belize

    You know what’s sad?! How many people skip Belize during their Central America travels. Admittedly, the first time we backpacked around this part of the world, we scrapped our plans to travel in Belize, too. We were told it was…

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    Colombia travel with a teen: all you need to know

    In all our 7 months of life and travel in Colombia so far, we’ve been pretty much always in the presence of just adults. However, the arrival of my (Lozzy’s) auntie and 13-year-old cousin, Luca, in August 2019 forced us…

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    9 things to know before you travel to Colombia

    We’ve honestly never met anyone who didn’t rave about Colombia. We came for 4 weeks armed with Colombia travel tips from all the enamoured backpackers we’d met on our trip so far, and ended up spending 9 months there. We…

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    8 things to know before backpacking Peru

    Peru is a country that has so much to offer, and it knows how to deliver. There is so much to see and do when Peru backpacking that we recommend taking it as slow as possible; we had 4 weeks…

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    So many people told us to avoid Ecuador altogether and go straight to Colombia. For most, Colombia is so great that perhaps anything else is going to feel like a disappointment, and lots of people told us that whatever Ecuador…

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    Chile is one of the most diverse countries we’ve ever been to. From the deserts of the north, to the beaches of the centre, rolling lush green hills of the south and glaciers even further down, this country has something…

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    Things to know before you go backpacking in Bolivia

    Bolivia is our Marmite. We honestly can’t decide whether we loved it or hated it. Backpacking in Bolivia gave us some of our best highs of the trip (Uyuni Salt Flats, caving in Torotoro, clubbing with locals … Continue reading

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    Top tips for backpacking in Uruguay

    Overall, we have LOVED backpacking in Uruguay. We honestly had very few expectations of the country as we only really decided to go backpacking in Uruguay as our first stop on our 2+ year trip due to it having the…

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    Top tips before you travel to Argentina

    Argentina was our temporary home for just over five weeks, which seemed so long at the time but is barely enough to do even just the north of this impressive country justice. We visited 5 main areas during that time,…