• If we only had 2 weeks: South Brazil Itinerary | Iguazu Falls waterfall | Southern Brazil Travel Guide

    If we only had 2 weeks: South Brazil itinerary

    Remember, Brazil is GINORMOUS, like almost the size of Europe ginormous, and plane or bus transport internally tends to be both long & relatively expensive compared to the Latin average. Brazil needs a bit more travel prep than other countries…

  • Florianopolis travel guide Floripa Brazil travel couple

    Florianópolis, Brazil: The city with an island escape

    Florianópolis – if you hear it also being called Floripa, please know that that is exactly the same thing – strikes as a strong favourite for travellers in Brazil, and was officially named the best place in Brazil to live…

  • Curitiba Brazil travel guide South America backpacking

    Curitiba, Paraná: Brazil’s most sustainable green city

    European architecture and modern street art blend perfectly together, and the centre of the city has lush parks from which to watch the world go by. Curitiba, Brazil ’s first ‘green city’, continues to be its most sustainable.