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    Weird & wonderful drinks from Latin America

    Every region has its fair share of concoctions that seem alien to the average foreigner. South & Central America are no different, with an eclectic mix of drinks ranging from warm & homely to absolutely lethal. Here is a collection…

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    How easy is it to eat gluten-free in South America?

    If you're gluten intolerant or coeliac, it can be difficult to maintain a GF diet in South America. Here's a brief breakdown of what to expect from typical foods in each country, & useful Spanish phrases.

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    The top 5 national beers in South America

    South America takes its beer very seriously, and whilst there has been a varying degree of impact from craft beer on the continent (subscribe to check out the upcoming Top 10 Craft Beers in South America!), each country has up…

  • Cabo Polonio Uruguay food shop old fashioned typical

    How Easy is Eating Gluten-free in Uruguay?

    It’s honestly hard to say whether it’s easy to eat gluten-free in Uruguay. That’s because although the national cuisine can only be described as “Meat’n’Wheat”, gluten-free products are often easier to find in Uruguayan shops than in the UK.