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    What is The Beer Guide?

    During our trip, I (Andy) have decided to write a beer guide for each country we visit, in which I will look at partying trends, interesting beer brands, how to navigate the beer market in each country and top it…

  • Best Craft Breweries in South America | 3 Cordilleras Cerveza | The Beer Guide | Travel guides by Cuppa to Copa Travels

    The best craft breweries in South America

    Welcome to the list of Top Craft Breweries in South America! Spanning a variety of countries, each brand that has made the list offers a combination of great beer as well as something a little unique versus your typical craft…

  • The Beer in Colombia Guide: Colombia | Bar in Zipaquirá: Club Colombia, Aguila, Cerveza Roja | Beer in Colombia by Cuppa to Copa Travels

    The Beer Guide: Colombia

    Beer in Colombia is interesting compared with the rest of the continent, I’ve selected my key take-outs and ideas that might be replicable in other markets.

  • beer guide south america brands cerveza craft local lager national beer

    The Beer Guide: Argentina

    Before we get into the detail of beer in Argentina, a bit of background. Argentina – and especially Buenos Aires – has managed to retain much of its conquistadores’ European flair. Colourful and vibrant everywhere you go, Argentina is the…

  • The Beer Guide: Uruguay

    Despite being a somewhat sleepy country with an incredibly relaxed vibe (even in the capital Montevideo), the party scene livens up post-midnight. It is very common for friends to have a ‘previa’ at home before heading out to a ‘boliche’…