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    If we only had 2 weeks: Uruguay itinerary

    Uruguay is teeny enough that the longest bus you’ll have to take is 5 hours from Montevideo up to Punta del Diablo, which is on the border with Brazil. So don’t panic when you see ‘travel day’, it’s never going…

  • Top tips before you travel to Uruguay

    Top tips before you travel to Uruguay

    Travellers in Uruguay are usually at the beginning of their journey (either having just landed from their home country or having only seen Brazil), or are at the end, having come from the north, so there is a lovely mix…

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    Our Uruguay Travel Itinerary

    Our plans change a lot during our travels, thanks to transport issues, recommendations or having too much fun to move on yet, but here is our Uruguay travel itinerary showing the actual time we spent in each place during our…

  • A Guide to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

    A Guide to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

    A little port town, which we only really visited because the ferry to Buenos Aires was much cheaper from there than from MVD, Colonia del Sacramento is picturesque, with charming cobbled streets and views of Buenos Aires over estuary.

  • A Guide to Punta del Este, the Miami of Uruguay

    A Guide to Punta del Este, the Miami of Uruguay

    It’s hard to really judge this city because we went in October, when the resort is facing serious down-time.. Saying that, Punta del Este has a huge reputation for being the coolest play to vacay if you're a wealthy young…

  • A Guide to Cabo Polonio, Off-grid Uruguay

    A Guide to Cabo Polonio, Off-grid Uruguay

    First things first, let’s set your expectations. Cabo Polonio is marketed as totally off-grid, with no running water, no electricity and no connectivity. While all this is technically true, solar panels and generators mean that living here actually feels no…

  • Punta del Diablo, Uruguay's laidback Atlantic paradise

    Punta del Diablo, Uruguay’s laidback Atlantic paradise

    Punta del Diablo is quaint, beautiful and a little touristy, but is on the edge of the Parque Nacional de Santa Teresa with lengthy, untouched beaches and stunning greenery. The town is a popular holiday destination for Uruguayans during the…

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    How Easy is Eating Gluten-free in Uruguay?

    It’s honestly hard to say whether it’s easy to eat gluten-free in Uruguay. That’s because although the national cuisine can only be described as “Meat’n’Wheat”, gluten-free products are often easier to find in Uruguayan shops than in the UK.

  • The Beer Guide: Uruguay

    The Beer Guide: Uruguay

    Despite being a somewhat sleepy country with an incredibly relaxed vibe (even in the capital Montevideo), the party scene livens up post-midnight. It is very common for friends to have a ‘previa’ at home before heading out to a ‘boliche’…