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    11 Best Party Destinations in South America

    While we all might like to kid ourselves that we’re travelling merely to get immersed in culture, make connections with locals and see the wonders of the world, few of us are strong enough to turn down a good bit…

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    Stop pronouncing these South American place names wrong!

    If 18 months in South America taught us anything, it’s that travellers are in desperate need of a Spanish pronunciation guide to get them saying South American place names right 😉 Pronouncing words in a foreign language is a difficult…

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    The Highs and Lows of 3 Months in Brazil

    Our 3 months in Brazil has shown us what an incredible part of the world this is – it’s truly a country like no other. Nowhere else have we experienced such vibrance and energy. Here are our highlights are low…

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    Selina: a brand set to take over the world

    As you may already know, we earn our keep by running a brand strategy consultancy business. Sometimes, our consultancy & travel content cross-over, so why not share it with you lovely people? Selina is a brand that's swept across Latin…

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    The best craft breweries in South America

    Welcome to the list of Top Craft Breweries in South America! Spanning a variety of countries, each brand that has made the list offers a combination of great beer as well as something a little unique versus your typical craft…

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    Coolest surfer towns in South and Central America

    Throughout our travels, we alternate between busy city life, stunning natural landscapes and relaxing beaches. We’ve put our heads together and come up with what we think are the top 5 coolest surfer towns across South and Central America.

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    Six Spanish mistakes to avoid in Latin America

    As you may know, Spanish can be a very dangerous language for slips of the tongue. In order to help you avoid some common and humiliating pitfalls, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 embarrassing Spanish mistakes to avoid…

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    Weird & wonderful drinks from Latin America

    Every region has its fair share of concoctions that seem alien to the average foreigner. South & Central America are no different, with an eclectic mix of drinks ranging from warm & homely to absolutely lethal. Here is a collection…

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    The best hostels and AirBnBs of South America

    While most people groan at the thought of hostel living, there has been many an occasion where we’ve found hostels in South America so bloody good that we’ve not wanted to leave. If you’re heading to any of the below…

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    The tastiest typical foods in South America

    Something we’re certainly going to miss when we eventually (though who knows when?!) leave LatAm is the food. South America is full of crazy-tasty recipes, with some foods we’d never have imagined together turning out to be b-e-a-utiful. This is…

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    The best places to learn Spanish in Latin America

    Put off by the high prices and sophisticated lisps of Spain, hundreds of thousands of eager-to-learn travellers flock across oceans every year in search of the best places to learn Spanish in South & Central America.

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    The top 5 national beers in South America

    South America takes its beer very seriously, and whilst there has been a varying degree of impact from craft beer on the continent (subscribe to check out the upcoming Top 10 Craft Beers in South America!), each country has up…

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    The best cities for history lovers in South America

    Lozzy is a self-proclaimed history boff. She thrives off cities steeped in history, and South America has provided many opportunities for her to truly geek out and lose herself in imagining the past realities of a place. If you’re also…

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    Bitesize LatAm: Which country to visit in Latin America?

    Still in the early planning stages of a LatAm trip and feeling confused by all the detail out there about which countries are best for what? We’ve written brief summaries of each Latin nation we’ve visited in order to help…