• Top tips before you travel to Argentina

    Top tips before you travel to Argentina

    Here are some pointers to note before you travel to Argentina: cash will be the bane of your life; how to tip in Argentina; taxi scams; plug types and more.

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    Our Argentina Travel Itinerary

    Our plans change a lot during our travels, thanks to transport issues, recommendations or having too much fun to move on yet, but here is our Argentina travel itinerary showing the actual time we spent in each place during our…

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    Budget for 5 weeks in Argentina

    2019 UPDATE: Since writing this post, the Argentinian economy has gone tits up, so prices for foreigners have essentially halved. Expect there to be more hassle with getting money out of the already tightly-limited ATMs though.

  • A Guide to Mendoza, Argentina

    A Guide to Mendoza, Argentina

    The region is famous for its lush vineyards that stretch from the city's outskirts to the Andes, and of course it's famous for the wine tours around Mendoza.

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    Bariloche, the easiest way to visit Argentinian Patagonia

    This resort town stretched out along the bay of the huge Rio Negro is a must-do for tourists in Argentina. Bariloche (full name San Carlos de Bariloche) is one of the most northern stops in Patagonia – Patagonia for beginners,…

  • A Guide to Córdoba, Argentina

    A Guide to Córdoba, Argentina

    Córdoba is another student city, so expect to feel old when walking down the street. We accidentally joined a Law graduation party (lots of students finish in November/December), in which graduates are stripped to their underwear, covered in egg and…

  • A Guide to Rosario, Argentina

    A Guide to Rosario, Argentina

    A student city, Rosario is known for its beautiful, youthful population and great LGBT-friendly nightlife. During the day, there are thousands of small shops to browse, although Argentina is quite annoying in its watch-the-customers’-every-move-at-close-range shop assistant style. In truth, it’s…

  • A Guide to Buenos Aires, Argentina

    A Guide to Buenos Aires, Argentina

    We have SO MUCH to say about this incredible city. In total, we stayed 2 weeks in Buenos Aires (with a week in Rosario in the middle), but we could have stayed for months and not gotten bored. We were…

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    The Beer Guide: Argentina

    Before we get into the detail of beer in Argentina, a bit of background. Argentina – and especially Buenos Aires – has managed to retain much of its conquistadores’ European flair. Colourful and vibrant everywhere you go, Argentina is the…