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If we only had 2 weeks: South Brazil itinerary

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We’re lucky enough that our location independent business means that we can travel extra slow. If this is an option to you, we strongly recommend that you take your time, really getting to know and appreciate each country you’re in rather than try to cram as many passport stamps as you can into a few months. We would advise at least one month in each country in Latin America, perhaps with the exception of Panama, which has less going on.

However, that’s not always possible, as we are often asked by people who only have a 2 week holiday from their jobs where we would prioritise in the given time.

So behold! Here is our 2 weeks South Brazil itinerary for anyone who is tight on time but still wants to soak up the best that this incredible country has to offer.

Remember, Brazil is GINORMOUS, like almost the size of Europe ginormous, and plane or bus transport internally tends to be both long and relatively expensive compared to the Latin American average. It’s not unusual to see 20, 30 and 40-hour buses running up and down the country, but luckily we have guides for you on what to look for in a night bus in South America and how to stay safe and comfortable on night buses.

When planning your 2 weeks South Brazil itinerary, you need to factor in these increased travel times, as well as the fact that routes between cities can’t always be assumed to exist, even if they are both major or they look close on the map. Brazil needs a bit more travel prep than other countries in Latin America, in our experience!

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As you only have 2 weeks in South Brazil, we highly recommend you fly as much as you can afford so as to save time – for the below 2 weeks South Brazil itinerary, this would mean flying from Rio de Janeiro to Florianópolis, then Florianópolis to Foz do Iguaçu, and Iguaçu back to Rio.

If you’d like to get a little more off the beaten path, make sure to check out our 2 weeks North Brazil itinerary too.

Day Where Don’t miss Where to stay
1 Fly into Rio de Janeiro Check out our 14 things to do in Rio de Janeiro to see what you should get up to! Selina in Lapa or JM Guesthouse in Ipanema. If you want a party hostel, check out El Misti Hostel in Copacabana.
2 Rio de Janeiro
4 Ilha Grande Surfing at Lopes Mendes Beach, snorkelling at Lagoa Azul, hiking to Cachoeira de Feiticeira waterfall and the Pico do Papagaio. Mar da Lua on Praia de Araçatiba
6 Ilha Grande (back to Rio)
7 Florianópolis


Hiring a car and visiting the smaller towns of the Santa Catarina island to surf, beach-bum, hike and party. There are many different vibes to choose from – full guide on the vibes of each town of Floripa here.
11 Foz do Iguaçu 1 day needed to see the Argentinian side (easily accessible by taxi from Brazil) and half a day needed for the Brazilian side. Concept Design Hostel and Suites – apparently voted the best hostel in Brazil!
14 Fly to Rio de Janeiro to connect with flight home

Got 3 weeks in South Brazil?

Excellent! We’d recommend spending a few more days in Rio to explore more of the different areas the city has – there is more than enough to do in Rio de Janeiro! If you feel you’d rather not spend more time in a city, a 3-day trip to the beaches of Arraial do Cabo is just a few hours from Rio. You could also fit in a few days in the beautiful colonial town of Paraty (don’t miss Praia de Trinidade!), perhaps with a stint in São Paulo afterwards instead of heading straight back to Rio.

If you haven’t yet decided where in Latin America to spend your 2 weeks holiday, you might also want to check these out before booking those flights!


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If we only had 2 weeks: South Brazil Itinerary | Iguazu Falls waterfall | Southern Brazil Travel Guide




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