• When couple travel becomes solo travel; breaking up on the road

    Travel couple breaking up whilst travelling backpacking relationship problems

    We broke up. We broke up in a stuffy, low-lit hostel room in León, Nicaragua, tearily telling each other it was going to be alright whilst internally grappling with the thought of a lonely, uncertain future. Of all the things we had expected for this 2-year trip, a break-up whilst travelling was not one of them. But after 5 years of friendship and then 5 years in a relationship, we decided it just wasn’t working anymore, and that’s ok. Sad, but ok. While saying goodbye as I got into a taxi to Granada was one of the most heart-wrenchingly painful…

  • hokey pokey How to get from Belize to Honduras by boat Placencia to Puerto Cortes

    How to get from Belize to Honduras by boat

    While the typical route to get from Belize to Honduras would be via some time exploring Guatemala, we’d already spent 2 months in the mighty G the year before, and being tighter on time this year we were keen to…

  • Cost of living in Colombia Caribbean prices tipping

    What’s the cost of living in Colombia in 2020?

    Well, it’s good! For Europeans or North Americans, expect the cost of living in Colombia to feel pretty cheap. You do need to check your expectations though; I once saw a disgruntled expat complaining that he’d been told he could…

  • Sugarloaf mountain view of copacabana beach best areas to stay in Rio de Janeiro brazil

    The best neighbourhoods to stay in Rio de Janeiro

    If you’ve followed our adventures for a while, you’ll know that although we like to travel slowly, we also like to break up our time in a city into stays in different areas so that we get a broader feel…

  • Sugarloaf mountain view of copacabana beach best areas to stay in Rio de Janeiro brazil

    The best neighbourhoods to stay in Rio de Janeiro

    If you’ve followed our adventures for a while, you’ll know that although we like to travel slowly, we also like to break up our time in a city into stays in different areas so that we get a broader feel…

  • 2 weeks in Belize itinerary 14 days holiday ideas Central America

    If we only had 2 weeks: Belize itinerary

    Luckily, we'd say Belize is one of the few countries in Latin America that doesn't need months and months of travel to explore everything. 2 weeks in Belize is actually a pretty nice amount of time.

  • How to survive chicken buses in Belize: safety and staying comfortable bus travel

    Chicken buses in Belize: a survival guide

    For those of us travelling on a budget, chicken buses in Belize are by far the best way to get around. They’re usually one of the fleet of American school buses that were sold onto Central American governments when they…

  • Tips for travel in Belize: advice before you go to Central America

    9 things to know before you travel in Belize

    You know what’s sad?! How many people skip Belize during their Central America travels. Admittedly, the first time we backpacked around this part of the world, we scrapped our plans to travel in Belize, too. We were told it was…

  • Nightlife Cartagena best bars and clubs | A Guide to Cartagena de Indias, Colombia | South America Travel Guides by Cuppa to Copa Travels

    Best bars, rooftops & clubs in Cartagena, Colombia in 2020

    Much like the array of food options in Cartagena old town and Getsemaní barrio, there are soooo many places to be considered for the best bars in Cartagena. We’ve broken them down into three categories – our favourite bars to…

  • donde fidel best bars in Cartagena where to eat restaurants in cartagena's walled city

    The best restaurants in Cartagena, Colombia in 2020

    Cartagena de Indias has a rich array of options for food & drink, given it is the #1 tourist spot in Colombia, popular not only with local visitors from Colombia but also its fair share of backpackers and American holidaymakers…

  • How to pronounce place names in South America Spanish pronunciation

    Stop pronouncing these South American place names wrong!

    If 18 months in South America taught us anything, it’s that travellers are in desperate need of a Spanish pronunciation guide to get them saying South American place names right 😉 Pronouncing words in a foreign language is a difficult…

  • Guide beer in Brazil: Brazilian beer brands marketing and positioning

    The Beer Guide: Brazil

    Where to start with beer in Brazil? Somewhat of an anomaly among Latin America due to its status as the sole Portuguese-speaking nation and also its sheer size – it accounts for just under half of the population and land mass of South…

  • beer guide south america brands cerveza craft local lager national beer

    What is The Beer Guide?

    During our trip, I (Andy) have decided to write a beer guide for each country we visit, in which I will look at partying trends, interesting beer brands, how to navigate the beer market in each country and top it…

  • 2 weeks uruguay itinerary montevideo uruguay plaza mayor historical cities south america history lovers

    If we only had 2 weeks: Uruguay itinerary

    Uruguay is teeny enough that the longest bus you’ll have to take is 5 hours from Montevideo up to Punta del Diablo, which is on the border with Brazil. So don’t panic when you see ‘travel day’, it’s never going…

  • 2 weeks north Brazil itinerary: North-East Brazil things to do Salvador Pelourinho Brazil Bahia

    If we only had 2 weeks: North Brazil itinerary

    When planning your 2 weeks North Brazil itinerary, you need to factor in increased travel times to account for its sheer size, as well as the fact that routes between cities can’t always be assumed to exist, even if they…

  • how to book a death road tour from la paz cycle bike bicycle ride world's most dangerous road

    How to book a Death Road tour from La Paz

    The Death Road cycling tour is one of the most popular things to do in La Paz. As with many activities in Bolivia, it can be hard at first to navigate just how to book a Death Road tour from…

  • If we only had 2 weeks: South Brazil Itinerary | Iguazu Falls waterfall | Southern Brazil Travel Guide

    If we only had 2 weeks: South Brazil itinerary

    Remember, Brazil is GINORMOUS, like almost the size of Europe ginormous, and plane or bus transport internally tends to be both long & relatively expensive compared to the Latin average. Brazil needs a bit more travel prep than other countries…

  • Florianopolis travel guide Floripa Brazil travel couple

    Florianópolis, Brazil: The city with an island escape

    Florianópolis – if you hear it also being called Floripa, please know that that is exactly the same thing – strikes as a strong favourite for travellers in Brazil, and was officially named the best place in Brazil to live…

  • Steep hills safety of San Gil Santander Colombia | things to do in San Gil adventure activities for adrenaline junkies South America

    San Gil, Colombia’s hilly adrenaline capital

    San Gil, Colombia’s adrenaline capital and a great place to see Colombian life outside the big cities. We’ve now been twice to San Gil, one on a weekend break from Bogotá and the other incorporating San Gil into Santander exploration…

  • Salento or Filandia, Colombia? Colombia's coffee region pueblos; what to do in Filandia, colombia

    Filandia, a less touristic alternative to Salento

    The coffee region in Colombia remains Andy’s favourite part of the country. Imagine rolling green valleys, colourfully-painted balconies and little old men wearing traditional hats riding their horses down country paths. Oh, and the occasional howler monkey, too. As Salento…

  • Travel Colombia with a teen trip barichara

    Colombia travel with a teen: all you need to know

    In all our 7 months of life and travel in Colombia so far, we’ve been pretty much always in the presence of just adults. However, the arrival of my (Lozzy’s) auntie and 13-year-old cousin, Luca, in August 2019 forced us…

  • Life admin before you travel full-time | how to travel the world as a digital nomad prep | obtain consent to let rent out property to travel

    Essential UK life admin to tackle before you travel full-time

    When you’re on your way to quitting your job and going full-time travelling, it’s likely that all you’ll be thinking of is trip-planning, destination-browsing and clothes-buying. However, there are a few life admin tasks before you travel full-time that we’re…

  • Travel couple in Pipa, Brazil praia dos golfinhos

    Pipa, North-East Brazil’s wild dolphin haven

    Despite the fact that you can swim and kayak with wild dolphins in Pipa (yeeeah you read that right), it isn’t as world famous as we would expect. However, it’s still a very popular holiday town, with a very developed…

  • 3 months in Brazil best experiences and worst things about Brazil | travel blog | Cuppa to Copa Travels South America Guides couple travel

    The Highs and Lows of 3 Months in Brazil

    Our 3 months in Brazil has shown us what an incredible part of the world this is – it’s truly a country like no other. Nowhere else have we experienced such vibrance and energy. Here are our highlights are low…

  • chapada dos guimaraes Mato Grosso Brazil nature hikes activities what things to do

    Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso’s waterfall capital

    Chapada dos Guimarães, a town nestled in a national park, is not yet popular with international tourists – or even with tourists from other Brazilian states – and instead is mostly a weekend retreat for people who live and work…

  • Curitiba Brazil travel guide South America backpacking

    Curitiba, Paraná: Brazil’s most sustainable green city

    European architecture and modern street art blend perfectly together, and the centre of the city has lush parks from which to watch the world go by. Curitiba, Brazil ’s first ‘green city’, continues to be its most sustainable.

  • Best beaches of Brazil Arraial do Cabo beaches travel guide blog

    Arraial do Cabo; Brazil’s answer to the Caribbean?

    Known as the Brazilian Caribbean, this fantastic little town is surrounded by white sands and turquoise waters in every direction. Arraial do Cabo beaches are famed for their beauty, and we completely, utterly, unequivocally understand why.

  • How to get to Mompóx Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

    Mompóx, Colombia, a pueblo frozen in time

    Though it’s been on people’s travel radars for a while, there aren’t many tourists in the town still. When you read on to the "How to get to Mompox" section, you’ll understand why. There isn't that much to do in…